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    Lumberjaks Tree Specialists

    Lumberjaks, your friendly, reliable tree surgeons working in and around the North West. We are one of the UK’s leading domestic tree surgeons, using only fully trained and experienced consultants, climbers and ground staff on all of our projects.

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Tree Surgery

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We are a team of trained and experienced professional tree surgeons who take pride in our work. Lumberjaks hold all the experience, qualifications and understanding required for any job. Call us today on 07507967056 or email info@lumberjaks.co.uk

Stump Grinding

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When a tree has been felled we can either poison it using chemicals or grind the stump out using one of our stump grinding machines. We can usually remove the stump to around 8 inches below ground level. Call us today on 07507967056

Wood Chipping

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We are happy to offer a full wood chipping service. Remove all the waste and clutter from your garden now. We have a number of high quality chipping machines and can offer whole tree chipping professionally, reliably and at highly cost effective prices.


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